Unrequited-Love Just a blog for expression...
I am a cacophony of emotion, I am a symphony of different personalities. I am one girl all mixed up.
This blog is for me and no one else, a blog to write my feelings and situations without the judgement of my friends, family, anyone. A place to vent and post pictures I like.
I am hopelessly in love with a memory. An echo from another time, another place. – (via guy)


Whimsical abandoned house in Nova Scotia, Canada




So my cat likes unpacking..

thats the happiest fucking cat ive ever seen

i have th same reaction to bubble wrap

Well that’s just so fucking dandy now isn’t it…

I’m not even angry I’m just annoyed and upset, manipulative guilting and now I’m the bad guy…

And I can’t even fucking day anything either because you’re such a jahagwvakanafyabak fucking frustrating person, like why the fuck would you even :/
How many fucking times have I asked that of you only to be rebuffed hmmm?



1Send a Letter to February

01 by stephaniee1219 on deviantART on We Heart It.



A wild raven perches himself on the fence of a human’s farm and squawks for help because he has three porcupine quills stuck in the side of his face. The kind humans who find him attempt to take the quills out, but not without some “lip” from the raven.

Aw baybee!

(Really. It is a baby! Its mouth is still pink.)

For many moments in life there are no words

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